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How I Work

Do you ever feel stuck in a circle of having the same problems dressed up in different clothing?  Or struggle with similar thoughts, feelings and behaviors that plague you?  Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy you can intervene in that vicious cycle and make new choices that will empower you to have a different outcome.  Even though we all struggle to move through habitual life patterns, there is always hope and power to change your life for the better.

This potential is shown through one of my favorite quotes from Yoga Journal:


Coming Full Circle

Life is a circular journey through our issues and processes, and this is why things that are technically new often seem very familiar.  It is also why, whenever we work to release a habit, change a pattern, or overcome a fear, we often encounter that issue one last time, even after we thought we had conquered it.  Often, when this happens, we feel defeated or frustrated that after all our hard work we are still dealing with the same problem.  However, the reappearance of a pattern, habit, or fear, is often a sign that we have come full circle, and that if we can maintain our resolve through on last test, we will achieve a new level of mastery in our lives.

When we come full circle, there is often the feeling that we have arrived in a familiar place, but that we ourselves are somehow different.  We know that we can handle challenges that seemed insurmountable when we began our journey, and there is the feeling that we might be ready to take on a new problem, or some new aspect of the old problem.  We feel empowered and courageous to have taken on the challenge of stopping a pattern, releasing a habit, or overcoming a fear, and to have succeeded.  At times like these, we deserve a moment of rest and self-congratulation before we move on to the next challenge.

Coming full circle is like stepping into a clearing where, for a moment, we can see where we came from and where we are standing at the same time.  Remembering that we will be tested again is important, but it’s also important to pause and take a look at the ground we’ve covered, honoring our courage, our persistence, and our achievement.  Then we can begin the next leg of our circular journey with a fuller understanding of where we are coming from.


Why struggle any longer when life is meant to be more joyful, fulfilling and fun?

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